About Us

Battle Tested Fitness, has been Kissimmee's leading gym in boxing, fitness and strength training since 2014. We offer the best training facilities, professional staff, and a wide selection of fitness classes and equipment.

From boxing to yoga, weight lifting to HIIT, personal training, fitness and outdoor drills - we have everything you need to look and feel your best.


  • Dedicated Lifting Area

    We have an extensive lifting and weights area including free weights, squat racks, and dedicated lift machines.

  • Boxing & Crossfit Area

    Enjoy our boxing, cardio, and crossfit areas. Work out on your own time or join in with our daily classes.

  • Full Cardio & Core Area

    Enjoy our full cardio and fitness workout space. Create your own workout with all the equipment you might need already provided.

  • Friendly Gym Environment

    If you are an experienced gym user or its just your first time - don't worry. Our gym environment is friendly.

  • Classes & Fitness Sessions

    Drop in or follow along with our fitness classes: Crossfit, Body Jump, Boxing, Yoga, and more.

  • Personal Trainers

    Get professional guidance from our certified instructors. We always have professional trainers available and ready to help.

Dedicated Lifting Area
Boxing & Crossfit Area
Cardio & Core Area
Friendly Gym Environment
Personal Trainers


The Experience

Our signature workout utilizes the fundamentals of a true boxer’s workout – including proper heavy bag training – to strengthen and tone your arms, legs, back, core, stamina and your confidence.

Empowering, exhilarating and totally addictive—this is your new favorite workout class.

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Youth Program

Healthy Body and a Strong Mind Builds Character

Bullying has been on the rise and the bad thing is most children won't tell their parents when they become victims. The best anti-bullying remedy is self-defense.  Here at Battle Tested Fitness our program builds, Self-esteem, Discipline, Self-Defense, and Respect.

Your child deserves the opportunity to get the tools they need to combat bullying and develop high self-esteem.

Our Team

Joe Bloggs

Weight Lifting Coach

I was the Head Coach of Texas A&M's Weightlifting Club and the Assistant Coach for Team Juggernaut. I've coached several National level athletes at the Youth, Junior and Senior levels. If you're looking to compete or to simply learn how to effectively weight lift, I'd be the perfect coach for you.

Points of Contact

Charlie Watson

MMA Coach

I have trained mixed martial arts for 8 years and have competed at the professional level. I can provide instruction in Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling.My focus is helping others reach their own personal goals while providing a challenging yet fun training regiment

Points of Contact

Rachel Danielle

Yoga Instructor

I was awarded two gold medals for excellence in an international acrobatic competition in Paris, graduated from a 200-hour RYT training program and am certified through the Yoga Alliance. I believe the happiest feeling you receive is when you bring happiness to others, on stage or off, and I hope bring that happiness within you

Points of Contact

Taylor Melé

Personal Trainer

I've been in sports all my life, football, soccer, and track. As a personal trainer, I've worked at Youfit, Crunch, and now for Myself. I am excited for you to join me in putting more flavor into your personal training experience!

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3 Months

This month-to-month option allow you to workout up to five times a month.
5 Classes
5 In Personal Training Sessions
Full Gym & Facilities Access
Gym Tour & Training Instruction
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6 Months

This month-to-month option allow you to workout up to 10 times a month.
10 Classes
10 In Personal Training Sessions
Full Gym &Facilities Access
Boxing Ring, Free Events
Gym Tour and Training Instruction
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1 Whole Year

Unlimited classes with month-to-month billing gives you freedom to control your workout.
20 Classes
15 In Personal Training Sessions
Full Gym & Facilities Access
Boxing Ring, Free Events
Gym Tour & Training Instruction
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How to Apply For Membership

Signing up to the gym is as easy as visiting in person, we will give you a full tour, show you all the facilities and classes available, and answer any questions you might have. There is always a staff member available to help, so just come visit to get started.


1625 N John Young Pkwy,
Kissimmee, FL 34741